I'm 42 years old, (was 39 when life went somewhat awry) with no history of illness, Ironman finisher who has been diagnosed with myeloma. Did not see this coming. This blog summarises my journey from unexpected diagnosis through the treatment path. My aim is to use myeloma as a catalyst for living a better, more fulfilling life and documenting the changes I am making in all aspects of my family and work commitments.

They weren’t there before …

Very brief update on today’s activities.

Again, the well oiled machine that is the NHS purred like a finely tuned engine and the generosity of all our friends and family shone through as has been the case since day 1, as the next stage of treatment kicked into play.

Today was a day I had been dreading from the get-go as it involved the insertion of the uncomfortably invasive (but insanely impressive and invaluable) Hickman Line .

Up at 0515, kids and dog dropped off with friends at 0630 (thank you!!) and ready for the procedure at 0730. Clockwork.

Jenn and I had to hang around a bit longer than expected as an emergency operation was rightly prioritised ahead of me, but 1 diazepam later and an hours snooze meant the time passed without too much stress.

Then the operation…

Awake for the entire procedure with only a blue curtain to shield my vision from the business end of activities. It was about as much fun as you can imagine but not quite as bad as I was expecting. All in all took 40 minutes and has left me with a couple of plastic tubes protruding from my right pectoral and a strange appreciation that I literally have a direct line to my heart.

It’s a bit sore and awkward (not to mention bloody weird!) but I’m assured I’ll get used to it and the discomfort will subside over the course of a week.

I was going to post a picture but its a bit too gory at present so I’ll wait until its healed before thinking about doing that, if I do at all. (I have committed to being as open and honest with everyone as I can be but don’t want to offend at the same time)

Tomorow is when the new cycle of chemo kicks in and lasts for 28 days in total. It is much more intensive than the previous plan and aims to round house kick pretty much everything, both good and bad, into touch. It is the pre cursor to the stem cell transplant so we really are expediting the program.

So current plan is as follows;

  • 2 cycles of new chemo (minimum) which will take me to November at best.
  • Stem cell transplant which will last around 2 – 3  months then however long it takes to recover.

2017 is all about the treatment and 2018 about bloody enjoying life post treatment. That’s where my focus is now and as stated previously, you are all invited to a combined Christmas, New Year, 40th birthday and post chemo party that will be epic. Date tbc.

Finally, in anticipation of going full slap head I had a mate give me an all over grade 2 yesterday. All I need now are a few selectively placed tattoos and my conversion from middle class man to street thug will be complete.

Righty-ho, not much more to say so I’ll wrap it up and stick my new hobby of Netflix on to pass a few hours.







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  1. Enda 22nd August 2017

    This will sound strange, but *you* make me smile 🙂 I can’t help thinking I should be trying to make you smile instead – but my writing’s crap and no one would enjoy reading it 😮

    • Pete 22nd August 2017 — Post author

      I’ll take that as a good sign mate. I’m just seeing this as a temporary set back which although I can’t totally get rid of, I can make the most of each day and enjoy as much as possible. And just getting in touch is a huge boost for me so your messages are always appreciated. Looking forward to the next Staunton get together (Christmas perhaps) when we can wheel the mikes out for an end of year karaoke blast!

  2. Dave 23rd August 2017

    Hi Pete,
    Just to let you know that San thinks your new look is more rugged than street thug – good blog mate we both love it and you, well done

    • Pete 23rd August 2017 — Post author

      Hopefully won’t be scaring the kids just yet then ! Wait until I get a couple of scalp tattoos!

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