I'm 43 years old, (was 39 when life went somewhat awry) with no history of illness, Ironman finisher who has been diagnosed with myeloma. Did not see this coming. This blog summarises my journey from unexpected diagnosis through the treatment path. My aim is to use myeloma as a catalyst for living a better, more fulfilling life and documenting the changes I am making in all aspects of my family and work commitments.

…I wish it could be Christmas every day…

Merry Christmas all,  I trust Santa was generous and you all had an awesome break.

Christmas chez McCleave was stellar and got a little better today as I finished this latest round of chemo and got up to date paraprotein levels.

A welcome drop from 32 to 25. The race to the bottom is back on.

Drugs (supplemented by a hint of festive spirit) do appear to work! This is good on two levels. First being it will get me in a better space to make a success of the transplant and second; as and when this returns, there will be a drug that works to get it back in check.

That is a massive relief after the last 4 months of stasis.

So 3 more rounds of this regime then onto stem cell transplant.

Not exactly looking forward to that but at least it will (hopefully) be the end of this convoluted process for a period of time. I just need donor now…

On the subject of donors, I took a darkly humorous  phone call from the Anthony Nolan charity 3 weeks ago. (you are allowed to chuckle)

They are on the look out for a match for me and the message was that one had been found.


As the conversation progressed, the inference was however that I was a match for someone else?(Clearly, I am the one in need)

Then it clicked what was going on…

I asked them to check the name of the recipient and I’m sure you can see where this is going.

I had registered as a donor 15 years ago and lo and behold, they had matched me with myself. The rest of the discussion was stunted to say the least.

So the search continues. Thanks to all of you who have registered.

Nothing more to report. Despite the drugs I’m feeling good and even the hair has returned. (I am still convinced it is blond however, some of the nurses believe it is grey. I told them that is why they work in a hospital and not Tony & Guy’s)

I might just sink a few beers on New Years eve to celebrate a positive end to a pretty naff year.

See you in 2018






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  1. Zihni Acar Yazıcı 28th December 2017

    Hi Pete,
    I hope you have had a good Christmas. The outcome of your histocompatibility matching is interesting. If I came across to a 100% match between the donor and recipient, then I would think they are either either monozygotic twins or one and the same!
    Enjoy your beers and the rest of the holidays. All the best for the NY. Best regards

  2. Dave Richardson 28th December 2017

    Hi Pete,
    What great news, we are both so pleased to hear a bit of real hope for you mate.
    Mum & Dad sent us the family shots from over the Christmas period and I have to say I have a leaning toward the nurses on the hair colour and as you are aware I was a blonde until these last few weeks when the grey started to appear so something of an expert I suppose, anyway the photos were good to see especially as you seemed to have a large glass of something in front of you which resembled “Broon Ale” which can’t be bad.
    Shame about the result yesterday against the best in the league at the moment but I think that 1-0 is a good result.
    Give our love to Jen and the boys and lets keep those PP’s falling,
    San & Dave.

  3. Mike Day 28th December 2017

    Glad to hear positives. Love to all M

  4. Brenda Shipton 28th December 2017

    What great news Peter, I think you should believe in Santa, a truly wonderful Christmas present getting your paraprotein levels down. Keep positive and keep up the good work, you are one amazing young man who I know with the support of Jen, Seb, Max and all your family and friends will slowly but surely start too improve. Take care. x

  5. JIM & SHE 28th December 2017

    It was great news Pete and we thoroughly enjoyed the Christmas period with you all Chez McCleave…..
    Helped along, to a large extent, by your Mom & Dad with so much unburstable energy.
    You are getting that spring back in your step and long may this improvement continue.
    Cheers to one and all.
    The Smarties

  6. Liz 28th December 2017

    That’s really good news and pleased to see your hair has returned! X

  7. Cliff 3rd January 2018

    Hi Peter, happy new year. Great news that things are improving and long may it continue. Hope you enjoyed the beer and come the day when you can celebrate for real. Best wishes and thinking of you.


  8. Alun Davies 8th January 2018

    Happy New Year, Pete!
    This is great news to read! All the best for the coming rounds, fella.

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